Friday, 23 September 2016

Major Project: Initial Influence Map

  With the script well underway I decided to assemble an influence map for it. I looked not just at visual influences, but story influences too. For the base itself I am tempted towards that 1970s moon-base vibe or maybe something a little more industrial. I'm still keeping away from the sterile iPhone-esque designs that are hallmarks of modern science fiction and felt the moon-base ideas of the 1960s and 1970s were an apt inspiration, as they echo the sort of enthusiasm for reaching away from Earth that Smithston-Wessex want to evoke with their goals.

  David's attitude towards the creature late in the story do echo how Ash from the 1979 film Alien felt about the alien creature brought aboard the Nostromo. Like David, Ash saw a beauty underneath the alien's horrific exterior. In Ash's case it was a twisted kind of appreciation (he considered the creature 'pure'; untainted by notions of morality). Though it feels coincidental David shares his name with the android from Prometheus (2012). For one thing the David in that film acted more like Pinocchio.

EDIT 23/09/2016: I moved one or two of the influences. I felt the way BioShock (2007) dressed its sets was more of an influence on my direction than sharks at the London Aquarium.

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