Thursday, 15 September 2016

Breaking Out and Settling In

  With some of the workload at Butch Auntie lifted, I found I had a little time to tweak Colo Colo - I figured if I was going to specialise in CG modeling I'd need practice. The UVs still need a little more work but other than I have considered that the model is just about ready to take into Mudbox for texturing and normal mapping. The only areas that still need tweaking are the toes and the inside of the mouth.

While working on the UVs I gave the crotch a little tweak to smooth hings out where the thigh meets the hip. However this retion I am concerned might be a little stretched.

  During a break at lunchtime, I decided I'd see if I could add to my sketching ability .However by the time I was done with 2 I realised I might be in a rut drawing the same musculature and body types over and over. 3 was an attempt at an unconventional creature that I tried with 7-10, where I would draw a random set of lines and decipher a being from them. I feel like 8 and 10 were the most successful as they're less human-like than 7 and 9. Though I did like the way 9's lower half came out. This could be a technique I could practice further in future sketching sessions.

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