Tuesday, 20 September 2016

First Version Major Project Proposal

My proposed project is a year-long narrative project that showcases my ability to create fantastic creatures and place them in a world they know or can explore and discover. This will involve looking at a wide variety of creatures of all shapes and sizes. How they move, how they behave and react and the foundations for those behaviours and movements, and what they say about the personality. The way certain creatures think and how they live within their environments. But also what happens when such creatures live an environment alien to the one they evolved in.

The goal I have for this project is to create a short animation, showcasing my skills in creature design, creature and character animation and selling a world. I want to challenge myself in storytelling, a skill I have been developing more off-campus that I am eager to further develop to help bring to life creatures and the world around them.

The primary idea that I have considered building is a scientist, initially jaded with all but a functional interest in science lost. High in his field but low in confidence to make a mark, and scars that encouraged him to hide from his guilt by running to a distant part of the world where his scars could not follow him. An event happens however that makes him rethink his career, what he's done, until he eventually sacrifices himself in a bid for redemption.

I believe that by January I can have an environment that will be the world to explore. Once I have scripts, bios and profile backgrounds, I can build the concepts.


  1. Hey Mark, I think you could have another go at this proposal - it's too wordy. Start by outlining what you're going to make: an animated short and then use bullet points to outline the key factors: so.. for example.

    An animated short - 2 - 4 mins

    Creature Design (multiple life-forms) - organic modelling/photorealism
    Environment Design etc.
    Particle/Fluid effects (steam/liquid etc).

    Then - give a short punchy synopsis of your story.

    List the things you're not dealing with - i.e. no human characters etc.

    Then list what you will have ready for Minor project submission - and again, use bullet points to keep it clean and reference-able...

    Think about this proposal as being much more practical and solid and 'down-to-earth' - concision and confidence!

    1. I can do that. Keep it short and punchy. Like I'm listing off what I'm doing.