Thursday, 6 October 2016

@Phil: Major Project: Reworking Four

  After some consideration that I need to be more experimental with Four's design. I studied some of the techniques of Feng Zhu and a few more bizarre creatures to get some inspiration. I feel that creatures 7 and 13 are my strongest designs but they could definitely do with a lot of work.

  I tried further to develop some more ideas but these don't feel as strong as the previous designs. 16 and 21 might be an exception though 16 veers into genericism. 19 may work as it is a bit more outlandish and less Earth-like though it is a rather drastic change from other designs, which could be good or bad.

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  1. just keep going, Mark - creature design is going to be big part of what you're being assessed on and I think you need to show more curiosity and drive and fascination for the subject, as opposed to looking for answers after a few exercises - keep going and when you find yourself 'doing a Mark' and re-drawing the same shapes - but as a silhouette - take on another shape, another construction and blast past your own habits - onwards! ;)