Friday, 14 October 2016

Major Project: Inventory

Looking over my inventory list I decided to break it down into three parts ordered by how critical they are for the story to progress. Key objects are objects that have a story-relevant part to play, Priority objects are anything that helps considerably to sell the world, and clutter is items that serve as set-dressing to make the world feel more real.

Key Objects

isolation units, x-ray/MRI pictures, coffee mug, phone, computer terminal

Priority Objects

Lab tables, stools, executive desk, scientific reports, office chair


Newspapers, pens, centrifuges, test tube racks, grant certificate, executive chair, bed, chairs, cupboards, base map, food tins, wires

With a better idea of what props to use I can understand which props must be made first and foremost, going though the list as time and resources allow.

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