Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Four: A Near-Final Model

  Today has been spent applying the finishing touches to Four's body. Using a texture sphere I transferred the texture I was working on to the main model and apart from what looks like an ambient occlusion anomaly under her belly, she's come out looking really nice. 

  I might modify the tinge of her tongue to add a bit of blue or orange. A way of giving it that alien vibe. Another factor is the tongue needs to be wet, It needs to glisten which could be done with a specular map as it shares its shader with the body..

  There does appear to be a shadow under her eye when the cornea is included in the render. It could be it's reflecting the world, which is pitch-black as there is a 40% reflectivity value. If so, it might be gone when Four is put into an environment with more than directional lights.


  1. Four looks almost real, good job mark!

    1. She's came out really well. Not entirely sure on the lips but they're better than previous colourations.