Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Four: Building Biolab Elements

  Work continues on the biolab, and the template system I suggested in my last post is working well to an extent. It takes some reshaping in some areas but so far everything works. I plan ot leave UV mapping the rooms themselves to be the last stage, when all the other construction is complete.

  To control light exposure and mitigate objects phasing though solid surfaces, I created grooves that doors can slide into but should the camera catch sight of the inside these areas. This design will be especially important, come to think of it, for the isolation unit doors, which have large glass panels that will likely end up phasing though the current models.

The door designed for the offices works just as well for the decontamination unit used to enter the laboratory. This room can easily be furnished with a bench and lockers (the lockers could be kept opaque to avoid designing hanging coats or hazmat suits) to fill the space.


  1. This is really coming together, looking good :)

    1. Cheers Jamie. It's been a very interesting endeavor so far.