Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Four: Progress on the Corridors

  Some work continues on the biolab. While the door and most of the corridor could be signed off on, they need their UVs fixed. The more distant sections of the corridor give me a good idea of which models to create normals for the more distant sections of the scene.

After changing the bracing I believe the door looks a lot more plausible now. A console to open or lock the door is planned ot go inside the indentation in the centre, which can help give an indication of the size of the room.

   To keep up the pace, the biolab was next on the list. The door to the isolation unit feels complex due to the unconventional shape, and I wonder if the indentation can be done with a normal map for more distant instances. I need to enlarge the room a little and decorate the walls.

  I will need to do research into locaations for potential lighting fixtures. Progress has been a little slowed as the deadline for my dissertation draws near.

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