Monday, 16 January 2017

Four: Starting the Juvenile Form

  I made a start on the juvenile form today, as a start to the next tasks in preparing my animation.

  To save a lot of time and to keep it looking like it could mature into its adult state, Four's juvenile form used the adult as a template, preserving (mostly) UVs, foundation geometry and the shaders used to make her believable. SOme UVs will need fixing and remapping, as I had to break a couple of them to save on gemonetry.

  The posiive is that I feel like she's coming out better in this form now that I know better what I'm doing. There is still some work to do before moving on to installing the skeleton. I need to make sure her eyelids conform to her eyeballs, correct the base of her tail, neotinise her front fingers to they look more childlike and maybe give her a bit of pudge in her belly 

  The body of her juvenile form is very loose. Some gemoetry was adjusted to look like fat that would disappear as she got older and more mature The eyes and claws I can rather straightforwardly import from the completed model and resize where appropriate.

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