Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Four: Juvenile Geometry Nearly Complete

  I neglected to upload yesterday but here is what I was working on Tuesday. I was working to refine the model, finishing some of the chubbiness of the juvenile's body and fixing the UV maps.

  Getting the 'stubbiness' of the juvenile's front fingers was a little more difficult as they are a little longer due to the extra bone in each finger compared to the toes.

  Yesterday was also used as a time to fix the mouth. This turned out to be a little more difficult that I first assumed as her more juvenile form mouth opens with a vertical mouthline. With the current head this was difficult but not as difficult as it could be as it was meant to be in a transition phase anyway. As Four gets older her mouth gets more normal-shaped.

  A modified mouth cavity however will mean the gums will need to be modified to fit the mouth. To fit the idea that these teeth are for a more childlike creature I may have to stub them or sink them into the gumline. I was partially inspired by canid mouths so the easiest solution will be a matter of researching how the tooth sets of puppies and kittens look. Or I go back to otters as they manage a certain cuteness with their teeth despite having enlarged canines like dogs do.

  As well as adjusting the gumline, some work still needs to be done on the UV maps. I've made a start with the larger areas and most are ready for receiving their mirrored versions already.

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