Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Four: Ceti Base Rework Begins

  I wanted to make some progress on environments so I made a start on assets for the corridor. The primary elements being segment doors and the tunnels.

  As I get further on the plan is to make normal maps out of sections of the hi-res models that will replace the details in more distant segments of corridor. The pipes and the paneling in the middle are specific locations where this technique will likely be used.

  Researching for the segment door I didn't like the first outcome. Looking back on my influences I took notice that while there were indentations, they appeared to represent points where the door's structure was weaker. More solid areas I believe are more reinforce points to reinfoce the door's strength. These spans are noticeable on places like the doors to the bunker in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Because of the shape of the hole the door fits in, I might be able to shore up some of the geometry neat the corners. I worry that in these areas there could be a good deal of stretching.

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