Monday, 30 January 2017

Four: Biolab's Doors and Windows

  Back to work, and while I have a few models to go though I decided it best to work on the biolab, as it is a key area for the animation to take place in. With some initial assets constructed, I've spent the past day finalising some of the models.

  This door I suppose is something of a hero prop, it's going to be the camera's window into Four's cell so it felt like the first thing to make. Due to its complexity I have a plan of a lower-resolution stand-in with a normal map for more distant shots. 

  I was able to quickly rig up a system that controlled the door (although maybe I could add some stagger) and allowed for easy switching between the high and low-resolution models. This system could be less complex with the other two more static doors, as it is only Four's door that will open.,

  The door and one of the windows are also UV mapped. One of the possible advantages to the highly artificial environment is that assets can be easily cloned and used elsewhere in a modular fashion, The character of the environment could then be delivered in placement and any fatigue so it all doesn't look completely identical.

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