Monday, 23 January 2017

Four: Inserting Younger Teeth

  I took a break this evening from dissertation writing to attend to the juvenile. It was a rather simple task: Install the teeth into his mouth. In order to not disturb the UVs I had worked on but still have room to work, Four's body was copied, lifted up and cut in half and was to act as a template for the full mouth.

The arrangement of the teeth and gums was done by adjusting the gums using a lattice deformer and then inserting the teeth back in one-by-one in order to minimise shape deformation. The roof of the mouth may be a little high, I had to buff it as the roof was very flat in the main model.

I attempted to neotinise the teeth in an attempt to make them fatter and stubbier to hint they are from a younger mouth, though perhaps some of them could do with a little more de-aging. And while I haven't got around to them yet, the claws will receive similar treatment in terms of reshaping.

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