Monday, 25 January 2016

Adaptaion B: Considering Options

Figure 1: A Japanese Kasa-obake(Yokaihigh, 2014)
  I spoke with Phil today regarding the progress with Adaptation B, haven discussed over the weekend that my current direction may be a dead end. I reflected back on what I enjoyed most in visual design, remembering the enjoyment I got out of creating creatures. Holding an accompanying interest in anatomy I have wondered about travelling down the direction of creature design.

  Phil's suggestion for this was to look into what fantastical creatures I could bring to life though 3D design. An initial browsing though revealed a world of truly bizarre creatures, particularly from Japan such as a tiger-fish and a paper umbrella with legs and fed off spirits. There was also some discussion on the other creatures aside from the title beast of featured in Lewis Caroll's Jabberwocky (the main creature would be out-of-bounds due to portrayal saturation). The thing I came away  with most in what to look for was that whatever I looked for, don't go the safe option of the classic monster; look for something weird, bordering on believably (such as the monster umbrella) and bring it to life.

  My next step will be to narrow down the possibilities. I will investigate monster/creature ideas from around the world, picking out a few monsters of particular aesthetic interest that I will develop in the weeks of the next stage of the project. Depending on the complexity of the creatures I consider I may and up doing one or a few.

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  1. FYI - I have said no to the 'Yokaihigh' in another project. It's a little too defined / depicted already. Keep looking.

    1. I will, it was merely something that came up while Phil was discussing the diversity found in monsters people believed in. I actually think I need to try moving away from East Asia considering I have done two projects already set within that part of the world.