Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Adaptation A: Narrowing Down Possibilities

Today I spent a little time trying to work out what to do for the Adaptation A project. Going though my head as to what to do. I feel set on a comedic twist but what I have considered originally might do with some work.

Best time of the day to - Post on social media/take a selfie

  • running from a bear: Selfie of character with angry bear in background
  • Getting mugged: Character is texting on facebook when a mugger prods him several times
  • During a bar fight: Poses for selfie during a fight
  • During a windy day: Loses phone to the wind
  • Getting abducted by aliens: Pulled up to spaceship up but drops phone as they are about to take a snap
  • Experiencing a transporter accident: Teleports away, phone arm is left behind
  • In the bath: Enjoying oneself then phone slips out of hands
  • Waiting for a bus: Guy using his phone, bus passes by, guy doesn't get on, looks up as bus passes and runs
  • Making dinner: Stirring stuff in saucepan, drops phone

Best time of the day to - Contact friends
  • After drinks at 2 am: Character receives gibberish texts in the middle of the night
  • When they are on a date: Girl receives text from friend, guy gets up and leaves
  • At bathtime: Character in bubbly bath gets phone call, Can't do anything
  • While swimming: Friend takes out phone while swimming, phone slips out of hand
  • In the shower: Friend reaches out from shower to reach phone, can't get at it
I'm starting to think being funny this way isn't my thing.

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