Saturday, 30 January 2016

Adaptation Discussion And Feedback

  I believe that Friday's discussion with Alan has helped give me some direction in my projects. The first discussion was regarding Adaptation A: I was informed it needs to be more snappy, and was shown Danny Rollings' "top 10 weird science facts" infographic to get an idea of what it involves ,as what I had currently was more like a narrative than information. With more work involved than was probably needed. Fortunately what is really needed ot be done is streamlining; cutting down the scenarios I have to short topical segments. And I already have some direction in art-style so Adaptation A is mainly a matter of streamlining.

  I had shown Alan some of the creatures I had looked at, but regarding where to go next. But what we had settled on was a case of more research as I had considered looking at Mayan culture and style, though further investigation on the Chiccan brought creative trouble as they are for the most part, snakes that send water to the clouds for rain. But any story feels la little thin on the ground. It was suggested that I look at Mayan artwork to help me visualise a style.

  Later in the day I felt terrible as some cold-like illness crept on me, getting so bad by the middle of the night that I was unable to breathe through my nose. But this led me to a flash of inspiration, as I felt more sure about a project revolving around Colo Colo.

  I had researched it in the early phases before but the similarity of my ailment has been what has driven me (lately I have considered that when it comes to escapism or a handicap, I should try and find way to turn it towards something productive). Performing some research I have come to understand that Colo a vampiric being from Mapuche (a South American ethnicity native to  the southern regions of the continent) folklore. It is a creature, commonly with rodent, poultry or serpent-like features, born when a rooster incubates an egg. When it nests within a person's house it will hover over a resident each night (there is no description of it having wings so my guess it it levitates) and sustains itself on  the saliva of its victim, exhausting the person in the process which can eventually lead to death. People who suffer from Colo Colo's parasitic feeding will be exhausted during the day and their house will smell of faeces. When Colo suspected to be dwelling there are two possible ways to get rid of it: Call in a Machi (a Mapuche healer or shaman) to exorcise it, but if that doesn't work then you will need to burn the house down. It has the cry of an infant or baby as well.

  Floating South American rooster-rat-lizard thing that thinks it's Dracula, lives off peoples' saliva, cries like a baby, stinks of excrement, and removed by either a native exorcist or setting your house on fire. It sounds interesting to me at least and there looks to be a project I could embrace the technological side of: Hybrid creature designs, particle effects, dynamics, sound design and animation for isntance. The information I have could be the groundwork for a tale about what Colo Colo. is, what it does and ending with how to get rid of it. Perhaps the story is told though one character meeting another who is currently suffering from it. I feel the need to at some point make something on the course that familiarises me with working with a voice artist.


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