Thursday, 14 January 2016

Adaptation A: More Infographic Ideas

I have considered narrowing down my Adaptation A topic to "The best time of day to take a selfie", which will be a satirical informative infographic on when might not be the best time to not take one.

Initial thoughts are that the information will be presented as a scenario where an attempt is ruined, and perhaps will cut via shutter-effect to the image taken. Inspired by Dumb Ways to Die I might take a simple yet colourful approach to presenting the scenarios. I am tempted to start the animation with something dramatic, such as the following:

In our modern age of internet picture references, what can be believed as your picture can be diluted. Humanity's answer to this growing concern has been:

The selfie.

So...what is the best time of day to take a selfie?

  • In front of a wild animal (selfie taken as character is running and about to be mauled)
  • swimming (Phone flies out of hand and lands in the water)
  • having dinner (Character is posing happily, parents unimpressed)
  • when in a bar fight (selfie taken as character gets punched in the face)
  • waiting for a bus (Character too busy posing to notice bus arrives and leaves, runs after bus)
  • being abducted by aliens (Character holds up phone, but drops phone as he takes picture)
  • crossing the road (car horn blares)
  • playing tennis (Tennis ball hits player in the face)
  • running a marathon (character gets passed and trips up)
The information can be presented as an escalation, starting with something normal (like waiting for a bus) and reaching a climax of a rather outrageous scenario.

There might be opportunity for more but this is what I have considered as of writing

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