Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Adaptaion B: Preliiminary Sketchbook Work

  I had some basic ideas for how the city might be laid out. I have discussed with Alan about taking a hybrid approach to designing the city; combining  scientific deduction with artistic creativity. I feel tempted when it comes to the model design to plan out other caves, to see what other parts of the city are doing in relation to the cave in the establishing shot.

   The city's architecture was a little more tricky. I will look into influences but so far I wondered about moving down South Asian or Arabic influences. Veppers is just one example of the species, and by the sounds of it he's the sport of person who desires a perfect body. But what I can tell is that he has golden skin and a large silver mane. Chances are other Sichultians also possess manes, maybe even other feline features. This, and the description of the planet being akin to a desert made me wonder about looking at more equatorial cultures for architectural inspiration.

  After all he features in the chapter, it proved difficult not to draw the man himself. Vain, wealthy,  arrogent, confident, possibly paranoid with good reason. He's a perfectionist too. Possessing gaunt features achieved with cosmetic surgery and even an artificial voice box. The Sichultian in 23 and 25 is Jasken, recognisable by the sunglasses he's wearing. I'll need to find out more about him but he's Vepper's right-hand man and is hardly ever seen away from the Veprine director's side. He also seems a little laid back, in chapter 18 when Veppers is going straight to business with Huen, Jasken is more willing to join in on the game Huen's child is playing, if only a little. But looking into these two does give me insight into Sichultians, their cultural opinions and their tastes (I doubt Veppers would dress his private hotel room in a style he didn't feel keen on).

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