Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Adaptation A: Storyboard

  The bulk of today was spent assembling the storyboard. I've worked out that in the rate I usually design, 30 frames is about maybe a minute but it can vary depending on what is going on..This feels like one of my shorter storyboards however, and I worked to keep the action snappy.

  The inclusion of the squirrel at the end came from a previous iteration, it was commented that the squirrel appeared at the end, referring to when the squirrel pops up in a post-transition snapshot. I figured I could include it at the end so that the ending card is not total blackness and simple text.


  1. Hi Mark,
    Just a thought... do you think it would be good to insert a shot between each scenario of the resulting selfie? For example, selfie man's look of shock when the doc carries out the 'procedure', the selfie man with the queue of irate people behind him etc? Or you could have a gallery at the end, so that it doesn't interfere with your transitions?

    1. I think maybe a gallery at the end could be useful. Either accompanying the message or as a background for the credits.