Saturday, 30 January 2016

Adaptation B Story Idea

I had a little thought on a possible story if I do go through with making a story out of Colo Colo.

Starts with a tired-looking South American man who returns home. He falls into his bead, and that night Colo-Colo emerges from the wall, crawling along the ground and up to the bed (still deciding if it would actually levitate), making noises along the way. It examines its victim and, extending a long tongue, laps at the corners of the victim's mouth, this happens for several days until the character decides to visit a local Machi for help. The Machi returns, chanting a ritual to exorcise the Colo Colo, which screams as the exorcism sets it on fire and drives it from the home. After a good night's sleep, the man dumps the creature's remains in a waste basket.

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