Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Adaptaion A: Getting ideas Established

  Since the presentation on Friday to work out what to do for an infographic I have been struggling with the question I had picked right of the hat The question being "What is the best time of day to [blank].

  A conversation with Adam made me notice; whenever I was asked asked what sort of angle am I trying to go for for my cinematic, the subject of humour always came up.when they asked. I have had my fair share of dark, disturbing on this course. Maybe I turn that to my advantage, maybe I try and move away from that. One alternative we discussed is that the infographic is more of a question, with a humorous twist: I pick one of the topics, then list the inappropriate times to be doing the activity, such as reading a book while being a goalie or walking across the road. Fortunately what I do have is a long list of topics that I could do. So I might go down this route.

  One source of inspiration clicked: In 2012, Melbourne Metro Trains, the operators of Melbourne's subway system, created a public announcement campaign called "dumb ways to die", a rather cute if morbid song/animation featuring stupid ways to get killed, the underlying message being "Be cautious around trains"
  The campaign went completely viral, appearing on international charts and the above YouTube video currently having 19.5 million views. With the whole thing developing sequels, translations andspin-offs.

  Like a lot of people who watched the video or heard the song on the radio, I was hooked by the charming lyrics. I think it could be a good source of inspiration, not for the morbid humour itself but for the way it uses comedy to say "don't do this". The artstyle also has a minimal yet attractive aesthetic. Though I might go for something else. Something minimal possibly but maybe not be so abstract with characters.

More will come in the coming days.

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