Friday, 22 January 2016

@everyone Adaptation A: Compiled list: When Not To Take A Selfie

I decided it would be worth it to compile the ideas I had in one place. The important thing now is to work out an ascending order of hilarity. Starting with something mildly amusing and ending with the most outlandish.

As what is funny is subjective, I'd like to ask for help in working out which of the situations I have considered most people find funny in order to get the most potential out of this. So any suggestions out of this list are welcome.
  1. During a strong wind: (Loses phone to the wind)
  2. Experiencing a transporter accident: (Teleports away, phone arm is left behind)
  3. In the bath: (Enjoying oneself then phone slips out of hands)
  4. Waiting for a bus: (Guy using his phone, bus passes by, guy doesn't get on, looks up as bus passes and runs)
  5. Making dinner: (Stirring stuff in saucepan, drops phone)
  6. In front of a wild animal (selfie taken as character is running and about to be mauled)
  7. Swimming (Phone flies out of hand and lands in the water)
  8. Having dinner (Character is posing happily, parents unimpressed)
  9. When in a bar fight (selfie taken as character gets punched in the face)
  10. Waiting for a bus (Character too busy posing to notice bus arrives and leaves, runs after bus)
  11. Being abducted by aliens (Character holds up phone, but drops phone as he takes picture) 
  12. crossing the road (car horn blares as taker distracted by a good angle)
  13. Playing tennis (Tennis ball hits player in the face)
  14. Running a marathon (character gets passed and trips up)
  15. During a board meeting (speaker waits for taker to finish, gets annoyed, taps watch.)
  16. In a queue (Taker doesn't notice the line moves and the people behind taker push him offscreen.)
  17. At the beach (seagull pinches phone as taker is half-buried in sand.)
  18. During a medical exam (doctor sticks finger up patient's rear end, picture is of sheer panic by taker.)
  19. During an arrest (taker struggles as he tries to position his phone while the police wrestle him down.)
  20. During rush hour at a restaurant (taker is stirring pot, jumped by order, drops phone in pot.) 
  21. During a bank robbery (taker is on the floor, lifts phone, robbers spot him, fight with taker over phone, snaps.)
  22. During a prison rescue (taker runs though corridor with partner, has idea, takes out phone, photograph includes numerous scary guards about to jump on him.)
  23. Flying a light aircraft (taker at the pilot's seat, pulls out phone, struggles to get the right angle, light aircraft spirals into the distance and the ground.)


  1. Most of these are quite funny, and could potentially work. These scenarios stood out to me the most:

    4. Waiting for a bus
    6. Infront of a wild animal
    9. When in a bar fight
    14. Running a Marathon
    13. Playing Tennis
    19. During an arrest
    21. During a bank robbery

    How many do you plan to include in your infographic Mark?

    1. Maybe eight or ten. Guess it depends on what I can fit into a minute.

  2. In no particular order....