Friday, 1 January 2016

Character Project: Character Turnarounds

With a deadlien looming I have attempted to put aside some of my time to continue the character project. These took slightly longer than I had hoped, as this week has involved juggling a few other things, but as well as these I have a number of sketches, particularly face studies of each character which will be displayed in a later blog post. 

  With the hero I wanted to give him bulk but I also wasn't fully satisfied with making him shirtless. I wanted to keep some distinct featres although in drawing out his torso I may have neglected any girth. The idea was he'd havep lenty of strength within his abdomen to lift his sledgehammer. I think I might have finally settled on a more distinct look. He's not truly authentic to the period due to the hairstyle but the style I had initially drawn didn't look that distinct.

  The larget benefit to drawing Nian was that I was able to apply the gaseous look to his mane and tale. The front and back protrayals were left out partly it is possible the smoke could be an effect rather than a part of the character's model. This is also why the Sha's lower body was drawn in a vague way - his lower body is smoke that will be fluid and would be as flexible as a snake's tail.


  1. your Nian character looks amazing man i really like the shape and look of the character

    1. Cheers Dan, He might be my strongest design. Though he's also the first one so that may have been a factor.