Friday, 18 November 2016

Major Project: Creating Definition

  I had received a message from Alan this morning that he could offer me some design pointers. He gave me suggestions on how to make Four look more defined. As while I kept telling myself I could sculpt her in Mudbox, I slipped up and didn't quite realise how much I could have sculpted her in Maya first before taking her into Mudbox. Most of that came from comfort mostly, as with Mudbox I can mroe comfortably use a stylus when sculpting. But in Maya I can more freely readjust the geometry 

  Her gums still need work beyond the demo design but after an afternoon of pnching and sculpting her lips are fuller, her mouth is cleaner and the fold and lips merge much better. I was also able to restore the fish-ness in her lips (maybe a bit more lifting in the upper lip) and define her cheeks.  

  There was also some minor tweaking done with the eye. Small effects that I think make it look much better than before. This hurdle is natural as I went into this project understanding that the eyes are one of the most important features people look at in a face. How correct they feel can make all the difference in the power of an emotional connection. She might be a little wide-eyed but that could be corrected in the eyes' resting state.

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