Monday, 14 November 2016

Major Project: Four's Head and Feet Part One

  My primary focus today has been Adult Four's hands and head. I had blocked outlines but today's priority was on turning these blocks into recognisable forms. Four will have claws since she is a predator, but I've considered designing them as separate objects for the time being. These designs could still sue some work but I'm also thinking such an issue could easily be left for after the bulk of the bodywork is done. I do not want to get bogged down in minute details too soon.

  Four is also a swimmer, which means adaptations for being able to swim underwater. For the hands, this feature is a set of webbed toes and fingers. Going back to otters I took notice that some species had hands that developed into flippers, while others had hands better-suited for grasping. I decided on a middle-ground and gave her some minor webbing. This could be more pronounced with the feet.

  Getting back into sculpting the head was the most interesting challenge. The oddly-shaped mouth and the eyes were a challenge I feel I can improve on. Perhaps I could make the eye slightly smaller, or quash the front of the face a little. These might be more minor details I can come back to after the key elements are finished.

  With luck and perseverance, She could be UV-cleanup or even Mudbox-ready by the end of the week. She will definitely need a UV cleanup pass before I transfer her into Mudbox. But she is coming along beautifully. Which is providing a major energy boost.

It's only been the second day into sculpying her and she's already coming out quite beautifully. It's strongly possible this model could be included in the pre-vis, which is a nice thought.

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