Thursday, 17 November 2016

Major Project: A Dash of Colour, A Shine of Life

  I believe I am at the stage that Four is ready to UV. I made a start on some, such as Four's claws as there would be a lot of them in order to save some time.

  Because the teeth are small and numerous, I might be able to get away with using a shader for the teeth rather than using UV textures for every single one. Working at 1920x1080 and with only a few shots focusing on the head, any grain of the tooth might be fine enough that it will be difficult to make out.

  Based on some suggestions yesterday I decided to finally give her a little colour along with the other tricks - A basic shader for each colour to be replaced by a texture map after the UVs and normals are done and ready.

  I'd like ot set up a control for her eyes that will allow the pupil to expand and contract, this can be a way of displaying emotions on the model.

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  1. Hi Mark - Come and see me with your model so I can give you a few pointers.