Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Major Project: Working the Feet

  With the teeth in an improved state I moved on to sort out the hands and improve the webbing and the claw roots..

  The roots seem fine but the membranes between the I think might need further improvement. It does have a little more thickness to it though which gives it more of a presence. I probably should consider that on my hands at least there's trace of a membrane that could, millions of years ago, have been webbing. As while I could look at otter paws again, their paws, the membranes included save for some species, are covered or obscured with fur. I have a feeling the foundation for getting it right is there, however.

  I tried a little more sculpting on the neck and forearm but I think I will definitely need to look at that tutorial to understand what could be done about the thighs.

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