Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Major Project: Geometry Almost Done

    Today's been a fairly successful day. The bulk of the time was spent on correcting a few details on Four's head and applying the mouth, gums and tongue. She's a carnivore so she'll have sharp teeth. The grub eats plants but maybe she loses the grinding molars during her metamorphosis (after all, cats are carnivores but will still sometimes nibble on grass). And she needs claws. Only a few details left now such as her antennae and her teeth. She needs teeth as we're going to see her smile (or show her fangs) at least once..

  I feel she might still be on the thin side in the torso area but I think she only needs broadening only by a fraction.

  I need to figure out a way to blend her frills to her body while still animating it as an Ncloth. So for now, the frills will be separated parts from the body.

  Still not fully satisfied with the eyes, the eye area still feels a little cartoon-ish to me but it feels close to realistic.. I pushed back the brow as I felt it was detracting from her looks. One thing that I think will mitigate the eyes being too sideways-oriented is the current eyeballs are tilted outwards by around five degrees, but for the most part she could still be recognised looking straight.

  I found with Colo Colo that the eyes don't need to be dead straight forward to give the impression an animal character is looking in the viewer's direction. They can be a few degrees outward and still feel 'straight'.

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