Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Major Project: Grub and Juvenile Orthographic Layouts

  Some of today was spent on the Orthographic drawings for Four's juvenile state. This one is a little more detailed than the previous one as in its juvenile state Four is quite dumpy and rounded compared to what she grows into later in the story. This is the stage that she begins to start looking cute and endearing. It is the moment this one opens her eyes for the first time that David is struck with awe over her beauty.

  The grub itself in retrospect isn't that complicated. But I believe working out it rough shape is still worthwhile as the grub's form is indicative of the shape Four will take on when she develops within the cocoon. cocoon is simple enough that an orthographic drawing is not needed. The grub curls up inside so its shape is determined by this u-shape. Similar would be the case for the tuber as well.


  1. just popping by to say I think Mark Stamp should be in the same font as the 'Animations' subheading - and also, I think you can get rid of the 3D Designs - just your name + the subheading. It's looking a bit cluttered for me at the moment. Anyway, try it, but I think it could all get simpler (and maybe a bit smaller) - somehow confidence is best suggested by a 'less is more' approach. I'd also consider ditching your biog from the blog - I don't think it's required really. Meanwhile, good to see you knocking this stuff out and making good progress.

    1. The new look is definitely still a work in progress. I think the background is still rather busy. It's one of the stock backgrounds while I work out a more suitable alternative.