Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Major Project: Four's Pretty Teeth.

  She feels so close to completion now. Using a few edging tricks I was able to give her antennae a bit of intrigue by giving the ma flat edge, which makes them a little less tentacle-like but I think it adds a small quality to it. Her eyes also have my tilt. I think I've hit the right angle this time around. Any further and she might start looking more like prey than predator.

  Today's main priority however was her mouth. Looking at canine teeth sets I made an attempt by adding teeth to her gumline. I'm not fully happy with the outcome, it feels a little rushed but it does lok rather nice when opened up like below.

  I might look at fish like piranhas and sharks for ideas on how ot arrange her teeth, although I sort of like the presence of prominent front fangs.

  I'd love to see how this will look when fully operable with the outer jaw but the model has yet to be rigged and skinned.

  Designing these teeth however  I got the impression her jaw was rather low. Duplicating the original mouth cavity just in case, and keeping a backup head on standby, I've raised the back of the mouth ,mainly around where it meets the corners. The gums will need raising but I think this will help the mouth feel fuller.than at first.

  The original jawline sans tongue. To me the bacl end felt a little too low down. Although in retrospect maybe the lips in the remodeling above could be moved down slightly. 

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