Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Major Project: Biolab Framework

  To keep things efficient I decided to aim for creating a framework of each of the three key locations. Working out the design I think is also helping to unify the design aspects, as in my concept drawings these walls were flat and blank. After work on the office, I was inclined to add features from the office into the biolab such as concave walls, and the doorframes

  Creating the cubicle doors poses an additional challenge that I look forward to. At the end of the story, Four bolts out of open doors, so these doorways will need ot be designed to look like the door isn't simply phasing though a wall when it opens. These technicalities are more for the final model but at this stage the consideration could be space. Or in the case of the isolation units, indicators for a frame for the doors to slip into.

  At the moment I'm happy the current design is fairly close to the thumbnails. I'm quite enjoying modeling these rooms which I think is a positive to take away. But that also means I shouldn't get carried away. So my current mental goal is to block out the furniture, maybe frame a few doors, add some blockout shaders to all surfaces and then call the biolab done and ready for a camera.

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