Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Major Project: Voices Ready and The Base Starts

  I decided to take a minor break from making Orthographic drawings after I received the recording for Smithston-Wessex's opening advert last night. With all the recorded assets, and some time spent polishing the Wessex Representative's voiceover file the voice-overs are at a stage where they can be considered ready for presentation.

  Largest drawback so far is while my goal in the initial pitch was a 3-4 minute video, the monologues totaled around six minutes 30 seconds, and that's with only momentary breaks between dialogue sets. I can mark this as inexperience with using voice-overs but it did validate the rule-of-thumb I was using when writing the screenplay where one page equated to one minute. I might be able to trim off some of the spoken words (two examples are I decided the year can be told though the scene, not David saying "year 5/year 6" several times and I cut out his speculation that Four was only a grub when it emerged form the soil). Still, all part of the development process.

  As well as voice-overs today I decided to make a start on the locations. These are only loose frameworks for now to confirm possible camera angles, so at present I only need outlines of the rooms, hence the extremely low-poly furniture in the stills provided.

  The roof is a separate piece for now largely because it makes modeling the rest of the room far easier. When it comes to shooting with the camera, it's position is likely to be more permanent. I plan to use this principle when assembling the other rooms.

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