Friday, 11 November 2016

Major Project: Starting Four's Adult Form

  In line with my priorities, today was when I began designing Four. I feel like it took me much less time to model than when making Colo Colo, as by this evening I had created the bulk for the legs, feet, neck and head - I have a very rough low-poly foundation to build on. There are still several key elements like the claws, sails and the head at present is simply a block. But I feel like this was assembled quite quickly for being only the first day.

    I have reservations on making a curved spine, mostly in regards to UV stretching. There's still some refinement that could be done on the neck. For one her toes still look strongly like cocktail sausages. But for a first day after a critique day I feel confident on my progress.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing Four come to life ^_^

    1. Cheers Dea. That'll be one of the really fun parts!