Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Maya Tutorial Update - Shader Texturing

    Took some time from the shots to progress with tutorials. At first I felt daunted by the prospect of texturing  but doing this tutorial made things a lot easier to swallow, and combined with the recent lesson in UV mapping I feel mroe comfortable with creating believeable models as I can wrap my head around texturing fairly well. These shaders act as a base, the textures added though UV mapping add definition and detail in a way that is much easier than segmenting every region to be textured (although separating something for seperate shaders such as for a separate glow effect is still a good idea).
    Once I got into the shaders and understood how to interlace them, It became easy enough, and with enough trial-and-error I could probably refine the shader process further due to memorising the ideal values for recreating these common shaders. All in al lwhile I started feeling daunted about shader texturing, I feel more confident in my modelling skills now that I have goen though this tutorial.

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