Friday, 3 October 2014

Space and Environment: Colour Composition practice

After trying to rest from battling this illness and staying up for two late nights in a row, I decided I'd take a small break from making thumbnails and practice a colour composition. The two practices I have done are of Isaura and Anastasia although I had considered an establishing shot of Anastasia as if one were arriving by ship. Or I try that with Despina since it fits Calvino's arrival description quite well.

WHen I finally sat down to work, I wanted to do four. However in making them 2 took a lot longer than I had hoped and its not exactly finished; all the buildings lack windows, the thumbnails had a crowd as well as canvas canopies. I'm more partial towards 1 because for a first time it came out rather well despite my attempt at sand dunes (note to self, use image referencing next time) and colouring with an overlay also came out decently despite giving me custard-yellow sand (although maybe I keep this for the real thing as a stylistic touch). Thinking about it, 1 does have a painterly feel to it, almost as if we are seeing the city's approach sylistically spring from Marco Polo's imagination as he describes it.

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