Thursday, 23 October 2014

Life Drawing - Classes 1 and 2

 I've been meaning to upload these for a while but here is the work I have done in my life-drawing classes. These first three were of a construct that consisted of stools, string, cloth and easels with reflective tape for hilights all assembled together into a jumbled mess. It was interesting working on it as it wasn't a coherent structure, it was complicated, chaotic but it was nice to relax and draw to see what came out.

 With this one I experimented with negative space but then I might have beoken that idea with the string since at this stage I'm finding it a pain to draw that finely with charcoal although I did try my best. I do particularly like the shading that came out with the spaces.

This one is fitting for October as the cloth looks somewhat ghostly via the way I drew it. I made this with chalk and using charcoal to emphasise shadow. Its interesting what shapes can come out of a random assortment of objects I have to say and these pieces certainly lend credance to the idea.
These two were made in my second life drawing class based on a construct made with balloons, ribbon and saw-horses. The first one (left) is a mixed media interpretation using charcoal, chalk and oil pastels. The pastels...I am not keen on, they don't feel right, they seem to blur a bit whe mixed and they end up looking rather nasty when I try working into them with another medium like charcoal. So I might have taken a step backwards going back to chalk but I think it looks like a nice X-ray and Vicky lended credance to this thought after she suggested the structure centre-right looked like a hip joint of sorts.

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