Sunday, 19 October 2014

Project 1 progress - Establishing Shots WIP Entry 3

    Another  update on these two as I think they're getting quite close to completion now - jsut a few more details to add, some of which I admit should have been added a long time earlier but that's how I ended up developing things. Its annoying because these particular details - theupper skirting on the interior shot and the other boats i nthe exterior shot - as I said I have long-postponed to filling. At least now its possible to tell where the ships are heading and Despina looks more like a proper city than two skyscraper clusters set into something vaguely rocky. Funnily enough these buildings seem to add a certain...something as to the scale of these two clusters. I also wanted to show off some kind of roch-poor dynamic, the elegant look of the towers its understandable that some very rich people probbly live in them. I'm not sure but I wonder if I could getaway with making the city less well-defined i nthe distance. I also wonder if I should consider scaling down the megascrapers in the distance slightly. I will also see to perhaps a few features to the sky to bring it out a bit more. I recall reading and seeing in images that because deserts are very dry with very little precipitation, clouds are a rarity. Maybe I could add a few wispy cirrus clouds or darken the blue near the to pedge to give it a bit more defenition.

    As if things were not concerning enough, I realise that I have long yet to begin the low-angle shot all ready by Thursday. I've also let my tutorial schedule slip so I will see to that after I post this progress update. Its a texturing tutorial so I had best get the hang of that before moving on to more advanced things. But in general it appears that my focus on these pictures has been at the detriment of other assaigments (A 2001 review is currently in the works).

    On a more positive note, I think I am on the road to recovery as I have been less prone to coughing, sneezing and generally don't feel as horrible when I wake up in the mornings. I might make a full recovery in time for the crit if I'm lucky although given how things went the last I was ill I would definitely look forward the prospect of a couple of days' rest after I have completed everything. Until then however, I will persevere as best I can.


  1. These both look so good, the interior shot looks fantastic, the detail is really nice. The waves in the establishing shot look amazing and I really like how you've framed the city.

    I can't wait to see the low-angle shot. Keep up the great work!

  2. Both of these are coming along really nicely... I agree that you maybe could have some gradient of colour in the sky. Get the low-angle shot underway too, so that you at least have 3 images by crit day. Have you thought about what you might use for your disk art?
    Glad you are feeling a bit better anyway :)