Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Project 1 - Composition Lineup.

     It was a tough journey, I spent long hours and a few rather late nights (including this one) but the pictures of Despina are complete. Wile working on the computers in the baseroom I did notice that my interior shot could use a little mroe colour so I upped the saturation a little to give it that air of thick, bold colour and vibrancy. I also thought, considering the climate the city is located in is quite sunny I should tweak the saturation of that one as well.

    Now I just need to add them to a presentation document along with all accompanying material: my thumbnails, my concept work, my development sequences (each one of these three I reckon has at least twelve recorded stages attached to it) so that will be my task for Thursday. In regards to burning this all to a DVD there is no serious priority on when I apply them on Thursday as my home PC comes with a rewrite-capable disk drive.

    Speaking of which, I spent a couple of hours this evening creating a cover. I wasn't sure what exactly would go on the back so I left it blank but if a text box is included I imagine the text box could go over an out-of-focus version of the rear box-art so the reader isn't distracted by the busy background. I have even tested it withi nthe DVD case I acquired. Somehow the spacing of the text and the length of each word allowed me to fit the title in such a way that it could appear as though the title was separated by the intrusion of one of the city's megascrapers.

Left: the front of the jewel case.
Right: The case opened out. When the case is closed, the glint of the clear plastic cover along the edge helps immensely in disguising the blur along the edjes of the spine; something I added to try and maintain coherency with the two sections of the cover. As I said I was clueless at the content on the back I needed to add which means I did not know how large a text box I needed so I felt it easier to leave it blank for now.

The inside of the case with the DVD labelled via marker pen.

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