Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mark Stamp Space And Environment Project 1 8/10/2014


  1. OGR 09/10/2014

    Evening Mark,

    Firstly I wanted to reiterate what I've observed before about your creative development on this project; you write with sincerity, enthusiasm and a genuine curiosity (though you've got some typos in the mix that are flies in the ointment), and your mission statement underpinning your choice of Calvino city is lucid, authoritative and distinguished by real world knowledge and a certain writerly flair. The discussion around your choice of thumbnails is similarly purposeful and I approve of your decision to opt for the covered bazaar as your interior space, rich as it should be with colours, surface pattern, and exotic ambience. The one thing I'm very keen for you to explore is strong, expressionistic use of colour - think classic Disney in terms of bold palettes and the courage to combine them; I want vibrancy and theatricality from you, Mark: for example:

    Our students often make use of this really useful Colour Scheme Designer for bringing together bold colour schemes with confidence - I'd really like to see you throwing some bold solutions together!

    I also wanted to say how satisfying I found reading over your creative partnership with Andy; the two of you discussing the religious symbolism in Metropolis, an exchange of views on a shared experience - great stuff.

    1. Thank you for the prompt response to my proposal. Indeed, when you mentioned I should use bold, classic Disney expressionistic palettes Aladdin instantly came into my mind so thank you for the suggestion images. I will definitely consider using the colour scheme designer. The interior of the covered bazaar would be an excellent canvas to show vibrancy via mosaics, silks and all manner of shops and several images I found for Istanbul's own appeared crowded with goods.

      Its an ambitious ask but I like rising up to a challenge. Thank you.

  2. Hey Mark,

    You have come quite far in a short period of time, I echo Phil's observation of your creative desires and approaches to this brief. You have tried things, which on first glance can test a persons patience but I have to say you have kept with it and produced a nice catalogue of your work this far.

    My biggest criticism is you have still not found out about branding your projects more so the presentation is a little more interesting to the eye. In your later years you may wish to get a book printed of a project, you may wish to create a nice logo to stick in the corner of your images or use a specific font for a specific project, colour themes, etc...

    It's early days so I am completely sure as you go on you will do this but for your crit presentation I advise you trying to throw a few colours onto the page that are not in your thumbnails or art work... If you do try making a colour theme just something that makes it more "you"... and less "generic presentation". You don't have to go overboard just something that makes it stand out a little...

    Other then that mate, I have to say you have done brilliantly, your work is engaging and its already improving... Keep soaking things in and keep on point you will do as phil likes to say "Amazing".