Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Invisible Cities - project refinement

    Settling on Despina, I decided to work on some more refined thumbnails for its design. One of the ideas that struck me was perhaps soem kind of combination - I have always been fascinated with sail ships; behemoths of wood topped with billowing white silken sails like their own personal clouds to sail behind, and I have also been fascinated with art and aesthetics. I had wondered about combinding the two into some strange mishmash world where sailships and animal trains provide for ultramodern city centres. I'd wodnered that perhaps the street levels or perhaps the outskirts would be filled with older buildings of sandstone and perhaps the odd onion dome. For an interior, I recall being amazed by the look and te goods diversity of the covered Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, or perhaps I continue with the idea of a pub.

    Perhaps a combination of the two? A series of tables within the hert of a large-scale covered bazaar, the roof of which either being opaque or maybe tinted glass to reveal the modern city outside and bathing the interior in the desert sun but somehow still remaining cool within.


  1. Hiyah Mark,

    These refined thumbnails are honestly very well done. Your number 1 and 4 would work great as Exterior Establishing Shots. I also find 17 and 19 to be good ways to get the style (theme) of your chosen city in place. Oh-and nice use of perspective in 23.

    1. I agree that 1 - particularly the sand dunes (which I feel disheartened at being unable to replicate so well in 4) - came out really well and could potentially be used for a final establishing shot. I had thought about taking 2 and adding a few of the ships in the second sheet, with one of them in the very foreground to look as if the camera is joining it on its arrival towards the city harbour. Either I could use extreme perspective or I keep it small-ish (either idea includes using smaller ships closer to the harbour area) to preserve the sense of scale.

  2. Hey Mark,
    Apologies for my absence I've been rather snowed under but I got some time so I wanted to see how far you have gotten.

    Suffice to say these are much more formed and communicable... I really love your distant city shot (1) the sand is brilliantly lit very nice indeed. If I had to pick another I'd say 25, the low angle really helps sell it as an isolated structure. You are already getting better with tonal range, the only thing you still lack is communicating it better in colours.

    You are doing it pretty nicely with some of your blues (19, 17, etc) you just don't introduce the white too much into the picture which is the only thing setting the intended sheen you are looking to apply with some of these structures. Remember: Deep colours for a darker tone (there is no true black in the world, just deeper tones of blue - its pretty much as close as we can get). Light tones are lighter shades of the colour (sometimes mixing in greens with blues can create better tones then just solid colours. Lastly you have Reflected light which is where your highest and lightest colour should come from, you should only use this on reflective surfaces obviously...

    Anyway you are doing brilliantly, much better then I did in the beginning...