Monday, 27 October 2014

Maya Tutorials - UV maps and texturing pt 1

    I had put this tutorial off during last week due to time constraints but I managed to push through it with relative ease. While I did assemble the cube slightly differently to the way it was assembled in the tutorial (the "top" side on my box was down the side. for the net imagine the face to the left is the top and the face to the right is the bottom) but other than this hiccup I think I accustomed myself well to texturing and some basic lighting.

    I was a little puzzled with the "cut" and "sew" tools at first but now I understand how they work and how I can use them to the best advantage when modelling and planning out my UV maps for textures, bump maps and reflection/refraction maps.

    When I first came onto the couse I had never touched Maya before and the closest I came was perhaps Google Sketchup. This feels like an entirely different league with mroe advanced tools and more possibilities especially after the tutorials I am undergoing. I also feel like I am adapting rather well as I can get through these tutorials rather smoothly with only once or twice needing to play back a moment of the recording.

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