Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Project 1 progress - Establishing Shots WIP Entry 4

    So I have haven't given updates in a while. Its largely because I decided to crack on  with the low-angle shot and these past couple of days I had worked long on the shot so it was often late at night by the time I was ready for a progress update but my body wanted sleep. So this probably is something of a "where did all this come from?" situation and I used my artist's eye a lot for it. But by now everything is almost ready for the extras like disk art and one of the reasons I had spent so long was for this very reason - I wanted my images to be perfect for the disk cover even if I'd only be using a section because there are some pretty big gaps that needed filling on my desired frames.
    I was up until about...2:20am completing these two last night and aside from one or two minor details I'd say the exterior establishing shot is just-about done. Changing the buildings from whitewash and gold glass to beige and green glass really brings out the skyscrapers. I think there was even a moment where the green glass and the blue sky made the ody of the megascrapers look darker and thus stood out more against the backdrop. I also added a bit of defenition and few wispy clouds to the sky to bring it out more. Have I really been working in such subtle tones all this time that only now does it come through? For the first time in I think a while, the features of my digital paintings appear recogniseable even as small-ish images.

Also on a side note: I changed the aspect ratio of the buildup to 16:9. Before I was working in 14:9 and I have to say the whole thing does feel grander in scope with the new aspect ratio.

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  1. Hey Mark,

    Fantastic Job! These both look really good :)

    I especially like how you developed your low angle establishing shot from the thumbnail.