Sunday, 5 October 2014

Space and Environment Influence Maps - Interior and Exterior

    In preparation for the final compilation for the greenlight I decided to organise some more influence maps; one for a city exterior and one for an interior. It took some considerable thought over the afternoon after I narrowed down my selection to Diomira, Anastasia, Despina, Isaura, Fedora and Baucis as all these cities were interesting. I took thought into the exteriors, the interiors and the feel of each city which made it difficult to choose.

    I perhaps chose Despina of that feel as a port city. Marco Polo's descriptions included mentioning "he thinks of all the ports , the foreign merchandise, the cranes unload at the docks, the taverns where crews of different flags break bottles over each others heads" remind me strongly of the Colonial period, the golden age of sail where port towns became the gateways to lands beyond description. The desert theme and the camels also made me think of Dubai, a shining modern city in the middle of the desert. I also distinctly recalled the Manhattan Island skyline being vagfuely reminsicent of two humps on a camel. It feels slightly cheap that I chose one of the early cities I did but at the same time I feel like I have a lot of flexibility as to what my final images of Despina could end up like.

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