Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Space and Environment Project 2 - More thumbnails

    Getting deeper now into Tracey's mind. I keep thinking over and over about those interview comments. But one thing that drew me to carry on and give me an idea of the city he'd design was that he expressed that at the time he recalled that China and Shanghai were really into new-age buildings so I took that as an angle as well as looking into turning a few more of his outlandish hat shapes into structures. I might try for an oriental setting within the travalogue to fit this optimism. But perhaps influenced by his use of orchids and lotus flowers in a few of his designs.

    About halfway though it hit me: Tracey stated in Lux that he believed that a hat decorated and embelished  important place to look when speaking ot a person: THeir face. So I began asking myself if the facade is what is important, as it is the building's streetside face", the part of it that you see as you walk down the road or spot it in the distance. But then the question is where are your eyes (or more accurately where does the owner want your eyes) to focus on more: The top half, or the street-level entrance?

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  1. Hi Mark,

    You could also have a go at working with the hat shapes in silhouette - have a look back at some of your classmates' summer project work to see how effective this can be as a tool. Once you have the individual silhouettes, you can mix and match them, without the intricate details getting in the way of the bold outline. I have had a look at Treacy's 2014 collection, and I notice that there are a lot of diagonal lines going on... remember what Laurence Campbell was saying yesterday, about using line direction to draw the eye...