Monday, 13 October 2014

Production Foundations

    Quick post as I'm trying to cut down on the extreme late nights but I decided to have an attempt over the weekend to get everything set for creating these three final pieces. These were quick paints with minimal shading because I wanted to focus on the primary palette colours. I have a fairly solid idea for the exterior and interior establishing shots but the exterior low angle shot I'm currently still thinking on but I am drawn to doing a market street.

    These are not solid "I know"s, I might swap around and marge elements form each (the market stall arrangement in 3 inserted into the view from 1), although maybe I should angle shot 1 lower a little more as I get the impression the viewer appears to be standing on something in order to get the right view. 4 I plan to fill with all sorts of people and goods; dates, carpets, rugs, hanging produce, perhaps a jewelery stand. I have a little less than two weeks to create the needed scenes so I know I will have to crack on. So these thumbnails are perhaps a last bit of experimentation as I had originally planed to use them as guidelines with which to build up the final images. So stuff could end up added that is not on the original sketch - there are construction lines if one looks closely.

    This is the first time I have used the palette picker and I am in contemplation as to what is the right mix for the scenes I want. I want some nice bright, solid, vibrant colours but the exact configuration I am still trying to work out (hence the quick colour compositions above). Although I think I prefer palette 1. All the while I'm still not 100% healthy but I am getting there slowly.  It is merely a matter of getting my mind in the game and persevering. It took me a month to make that image I presented as a summer project so I would like that what I have learned can get me to the final stage much faster.

    Considering how thumbnail 2 came out when it only took me about 10-15 minutes (I wasn't fully looking at the time but it felt brief) to paint up the sketch, I guess I should feel confident about my chances.

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  1. Mark,

    Nice to see you exploring colour a little more Thumbnail 2 is pretty good I see that these are all still in their initial stages but please try to remember that the exposition of each shot has to also be appealing to the eye. Ideally you want a persons eyes to travel all over the image instead of being fixated on one part. As far as colours go, it doesn't hurt to use complementary colours on occasion (you are pretty much doing this with orange vs. blue for thumbnail 2. Just keep them in mind as you go.

    Onwards mate,