Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mosquito Development: Head

    I gained some extra feedback suggesting I change the head such as making it smaller and much less bird-like. In response, I have looked into what I can do with it. When I looked at Mosquito heads under a microscope I noticed a common pattern in that the heads were completely covered with compound eyes save for two places: a snout connected to the proboscis and the base of the antennae. So I tried to use these elements to create an interesting nose and cockpit window as I wasn't sure about making the head all-window considering the implied speeds this thing will be going. I like how the combinations of 4 and 5 turned out


  1. For me Mark, it is still not insect-like. I think it is the fact that the eyes appear to be sunken, when with insects the very opposite is true....you say yourself, that the head is completely covered with compound eyes. I don't think you want to be worrying too much about the technicalities of the speed it will be travelling, and whether the 'cockpit' would hold up under the strain; it is more important to get the impression that this is an insect across, not that it is a mini plane. So, in short, I definitely think bulbous is the way to go...

  2. agreed, Jackie! Mark - stop over-thinking it - it needs to register as 'insect' from the moment we see it, so aerodynamics be damned!