Monday, 9 March 2015

Photoshop Studies: More Life Drawing and Master Studies

    I found today's photoshop lessons very useful as fot a while I've always had a little trouble with drawing hands in a way that made them look good. I find the colour values furthest left and right to be the least perfect (although the far right example I think is still a pretty good quality) but the best for me are the three in the centre, particularly the top-centre coloured value. I am not sure entirely but I think I used a pastel-type digital brush for it. Whatever I used, I' can remember the preset and will definitely consider it for further painting in the future.

    Feeling confident with the brushes, I had an attempt at replicating a painting by a Dutch realist. THere is still admittedly plenty to do but I am glad that for now I have the basic values in place. All I really need to do is work into them with the right brushes and keep an eye on my darks. While It's not quite perfect, I am rather happy however with how the buns - probably the most complete part of the piece - have turned out.


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    1. I'll take that into consideration, thank you.