Sunday, 22 March 2015

Maya Tutorial: Eyes

    The tutorial on the eyes were a fair bit simpler and easier to grasp than previous tutorials, however this could be because I am getting more familiar with rigging.

    My only concern is that when it comes to creating the blink and eyelid movement mechanics I can either have one or the other and not both, although this may be solved by looking a little deeper in the driver editor as whatever I put into the driver editor overrides what I set up in the connection editor and vice versa.

    If I cannot find a loophole, at least the mechanics for opening and closing the eyes are still there. So when it comes to making characters blink it'll just mean collectively changing these settings rather than using a single parameter. Having the mechanics for having the eyelids separately working is better than only having the mechanics for blinking.

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  1. Hi Mark... I know you posted this in the middle of the night... but please be careful with your spelling - make sure you proof read before posting! You have all sorts of strange things going on up there...'ot graps'? 'i nthe ocnnection'?