Wednesday, 4 March 2015

04/13/2015 Life Drawing

    Life drawing was interesting as we had the chance ot try paint, but using nontraditional implements. For the practice drawings at the start of each lesson I tried using pencil for my drawing - a slight deviation fomr my normal charcoal-based practice drawings because I wanted ot acquint myself with being comfortable with softer pencils..

    The painting sessions themselves: The first task (top-left) was to take a brush-tool (the less brushlike the better) and create a 20-minute picture with it. The tool I picked was a long toilet brush topped with a hemispherical fan of sponge "fingers", creating something remeniscent of  the work of Jackson Pollock. The second implement I used was a paintbrush taped to a pair of bamboo sticks that I controlled independently with both hands like a pair of chopsticks. I found it very fun painting this tool evel though I was using acrylic paints and thus I was a little limted due to the stickyness of it. The first picture I made (top-right) shows this clearly. The bottom-left picture was a group exercise where each of us were given three minutes ot paint a bit, then we would all move ot the drawing board ot the left of us and add something to our classmates' picture in three minutes. In the bottom-left picture, the smaller woman's red tone was my original picture while everything else was added by classmates.

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  1. I really like that first 'sponge-fingers' painting in terms of the marks, the texturing - very 'un-you' in this respect and so exciting to see!