Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mosquito Development: Legs

The body itself is still due for some tweaking, so this look is not set in stone.
    Following though with my thumbnails I looked at designs for the legs. I want them retractable so that the mosquito's profile in-flight is kept minimal, and they would fold out as the creature lands. One idea I have is that the feet are folded up and open out to hope plant the mosquito into the surface it lands on. I also tried experimenting with deployment distances. My current thought is that no. 4 seems the best balance. Again, in actuality the mosquito's knees rise high above the torso but If I want to include this design it will mean I also need to consider retractable wings.

Actual mosquitoes have hairy feet which resemble a segmented toe, but I thought this was too far from the machine look, and at a distance most insects appear to have very tiny feet anyway. No. 6 I am considering indicating prongs on the underside. These particular feet however best fit my idea of folding-up feet and were based on a thumbnail back in the first week that I had considered using on the merozoite model.

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  1. change its head, Mark - it needs to be less birdlike and more insectoid :)